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    Once you're successfuly tracking visitors to your website, there are a number of ways you can analyze them in Statcounter.

    Summary Stats

    The Summary Stats page includes a trend chart to help you track key metrics over time, while the table below displays totals and averages.

    Four key key traffic metrics are reported on this page:

    Page Views

    Each time a page is viewed on your website by any visitor is called a Page View.


    When someone visits your website, browses one or more pages, then leaves, this is called a session.


    A visitor represents an unique person visiting your website for that day, week or month. In short, a single visitor can have multiple sessions with multiple page views from each of those sessions.

    New Visitors

    A new visitor, is somebody who had never visited your website on a different day, week, or month before.

    Recent Activity

    Recent Activity pages such as Visitor Activity and Visitor Paths show you detailed information about each visit in chronological order, as your visitors navigate your website. You can add Visitor Labels & Alerts to an individual visitor to track them and get alerted via email or the Statcounter Mobile App when they revisit your site.

    The Reports dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of how your website is doing by showing aggregate stats for metrics such as location, visit length, traffic sources, popular pages and more. You can also drill down on each aggregate stat and view the full report for deeper analysis.

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