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    Sync your Google keyword data with Statcounter and unlock the search terms and phrases visitors are using to find your website.

    Keywords are the foundation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and being able to track their performance is key to a successful content strategy.

    Unfortunately, Google started withholding keyword data for organic search in 2011 so the majority of search queries coming from Google show a status of keywords not provided in analytics reports.

    To remedy this, we have integrated Google Search Console keyword data into Statcounter, so you can access all available keyword data. Complete the following steps and begin tracking your keyword performance today.

    1. Register your website with Google Search Console

      Sign in to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ with your Google account.

      If you have not previously added your website, use the Add a Property button to enable management of your website on Google Search Console.

      Follow the verification instructions to prove to Google that you are the webmaster/administrator of the site (there are a selection of methods for doing this).

    2. Allow Statcounter access to sync your keyword data

      Log in to Statcounter and navigate to the project you just registered with Google Search Console. From the Settings section, select Sync Google Keywords from the navigation sidebar and continue the instructions.

      On the Import Google Keywords page, Sign in with Google using this button.

      After which you'll be asked to authorize Statcounter to view and manage Search Console data for the website(s) you have verified with Google. Click Allow.

    3. Select the correct website from your Google verified websites

      This dropdown menu will show a list of all your Google verified websites. Select the website you want to sync with this project.

    4. Sync your Google keyword data

      The last step is to Sync your Google keyword data with Statcounter. This may take some time depending on how much data there is in Google Webmaster Tools. Click the button and wait for the sync to complete.

    Now that you have synced your Google keyword data, you can track performance in the Keyword Analysis report. Navigate to the Reports section of your project and in the Traffic widget, select Keywords and then Full Report at the bottom of the widget.

    For some more detailed analysis on the data available from the Google Search Console, see our GWT Data (Google Webmaster Tools) report.

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